Jetze Platz sets world hour record on wheels by VROEGH Design

March 13, 2019


What an achievement! On the 13th of March 2019 Jetze Plat broke the world hour record in handbiking at the cycling track of Alkmaar. With solely the strength of his arms - and a little help from VROEGH design - the athlete managed to cycle an astonishing distance of 44,749 kilometers in just one hour. He cycled an impressing 2,584 kilometers more than Geert Schipper, who was record holder in 2018 on the same track.  

VROEGH Design supported Plat in the match by designing aerodynamic two-spoke wheels for his bicycle. Our team at VROEGH Design is really proud to have contributed to this amazing accomplishment. 

Visit for more information on Jetze Plat.

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