Case study

Get an idea of the development traject of your new cargobike, complete product line, e-scooter or other vehicle.

Process description

Most of our projects are executed for existing brands which do not always allow us to publish the results directly on our website.

We made this project example to inform you about the skills and approach VROEGH Design has to offer. It gives you an impression of our method and process for most of our projects. 


VROEGH Design created an efficient and flexible method to streamline the development of your vehicle. This time saving approach combines project specific research with a standardized tool developed by our engineers.    

Since we mainly design (light electric) vehicles, our engineers have already executed the standard preliminary research and continuously improve this with new information. The results are collected in our in-house developed database and software.

This allows us to easily collect and combine the vehicle-geometry and ergonomics with market trends, materials, production methods, semi-finished products, suppliers and purchasable parts. 

This system enables us to create the framework for your vehicle in just a few steps:

1. select geometry and ergonomics and adjust it to the desired driving characteristics

2. select the main materials including corresponding production methods and specifications

3. select the parts to be assembled including specifications

This optimized procedure gives us the chance to spend the project hours working on the USP's of the vehicles instead of executing time consuming research. Moreover, this method allows us to easily adjust geometry, driving and other fundamental characteristics in a later stadium of the project without losing much time.

Of course VROEGH Design always carries out project specific research, but we did a big chunk already to reduce time.

Product design & development

After the product analysis, the designing process begins. This is where the real fun starts! We use various tested creativity techniques to generate ideas that make your product stand out. 

We are happy to take you along in this creative process. It gives you a taste of the world of vehicle design and provides insights into why particular lines, shapes, colors and/or materials fit your designs, and why other ideas might not work. Besides that we use several methods to let you experience the new product, for example with VR-technology. 

In a few steps which include delivery- and feedback moments we evolve the idea sketches until a dominant design is selected. During this phase we set direction for each esthetical, mechanical and functional aspect of the project.

Prototyping & Production

Prototyping is where it all comes together. During the prototype phase we take care of the production of sub- and complete prototypes to evaluate the design esthetically, mechanically and functionally.

Production can take place at your trusted partners or we can get you in touch with our network to get your vehicles produced. Next, we assist by obtaining the required testing certificates and stay involved during the production process of your vehicle. We also help you with the selection of manufacturers and the contact with their technical staff. This way we make sure your final product is top-notch.

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