Minimal Bike

The ultimate freedom of design, thanks to carbon fiber.

Process description

The Minimal bike shows how much freedom of form the material carbon fiber allows. By letting go of traditional design rules, shapes and solutions we developed this unique design in close collaboration with our client.

Low weight

This extremely lightweight (6.7 kg/14.8 lb) feels like no other bicycle. The 20’’ wheels and relatively short wheelbase results in a maneuverable bike, but thanks to the high quality race-bike components it is also a fast bike.

Bicycle Innovation Award 2017

The Minimal Bike has won the Bike Innovation Award 2017, with the following response from the jury:

‘’Minimal Bike is a truly innovative bike design, which was created through a minimalistic and wherever possible integrated approach. It resulted in a totally different and super light (from 6.7 kg with disc brakes!) model. This is shown clearly and reflected in the design of this bike in about every detail. An integrated stem/handlebar/head tube, the carbon fibre frame, the hidden cables and of course the unique (light) weight. This bike is a head-turner and meets a need in urban areas for example.’’


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