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We are your R&D department. Our approach is personal, collaborative and proactive.

We want you to think of us as a part of your team. This is in our true nature and makes us like our work. It is important to like your work!

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The external R&D partner for established brands and promising startups.
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Phase 1


The perfect product-market fit

While you focus on your core business, we take all the R&D-related activities off your hands. VROEGH Design has been devoted to E-mobility for the past decade, which makes us experts in the field. We enhance our specialized knowledge with product related research to create a vehicle that perfectly fits the market.

Phase 2

Product Design

E-mobility concepts

We are trained to envision great ideas and we guide you, as our client, through the entire process of developing the ideal vehicle for your customers. Our products show a passion for intelligent design. We’re continuously experimenting with materials, production techniques and innovative development of mobility related products.

A streamlined approach

We simplified the design process with our standardized developing method. With an extensive library and adaptable geometric tablets it’s easy to modify your design. Since we’re specialized remote workers, you can collaborate with us from anywhere in the world!

Phase 3


The complete solution for your mobility concept

Our services include the development of all required components for your vehicle, combining mechanical engineering with the necessary hardware and software. Because we design every aspect of the vehicle, all parts of the product are seamlessly integrated. This creates optimal customer experience.

Lasting partnerships

VROEGH Design is dedicated to provide you with excellent service. Not only during our extensive collaboration in the development stage, but also in the long run. This way we build valuable partnerships that last.

Phase 4

Prototyping & Production


Prototyping is an essential part of our service, it gives us the chance to test, improve and refine the product. Besides constructing functional and aesthetical prototypes, we use virtual reality and 3D rendering. This way you can experience the complete look and feel of your vehicle, before production has even started!

Selection of manufacturers

We take care of the selection of suppliers and manufacturers. Again, this way you can focus on your core business. Thanks to our extensive network, both locally and internationally, we make sure your product is manufactured by the most skillful people in the field at a price-quality ratio that suits your product.

Product evaluation

After the fabrication, we help you evaluate your product. We have in-depth knowledge of the mobility branche and we keep you informed on current developments that could improve the quality of your product. This way your vehicle always stays up to date. For example, we update our clients when a manufacturer alters a part which is used in their product.

Internal R&D Department
We are your R&D department. Our approach is personal, collaborative and proactive. We want you to think of us as a part of your team. This is in our true nature and makes us a great partner.

It is important to like your work!
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Cloud Based
We can meet with you from anywhere at any time. It does not matter where your organization is located.  Our workflow is geared to meet, work and deliver online. You are always welcome to meet us online, or at our office in Utrecht (NL).

Time differences make no difference to us.
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Complete solution
We offer a complete development solution for the development of your ideal vehicle. Not only do we take the complete R&D process off your hands, we also include additional hardware and software development.

Integration of the total product experience.
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