About VROEGH Design

We are the R&D partner of established brands & promising startups, however we feel like an internal department.

We are trained to imagine, generate and visualize great ideas. As engineers we turn a rough sketch into a promising product. We guide you through the entire process: from the first brainstorm session to an outstanding vehicle. We optimized and standardized the development of LEV's to help you create an optimal product.

Collaborating with VROEGH Design means adding a team of passionate, creative and skilled engineers to your organization

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About VROEGH Design

At VROEGH Design we believe in a bright future for E-mobility. We collaborate with established brands and promising start-ups to create vehicles and additional services that your customers will love.

With over ten years of experience, we have what it takes to accompany you from a general idea to the mass production of your ideal product.

Speak with one of our expertsMeet the team
R&D Department
We are your R&D department. Our approach is personal, collaborative and proactive. We want you to think of us as a part of your team. This is in our true nature and makes us like our work.

It is important to like your work!
Cloud Based
We can meet with you from anywhere at any time. It does not matter where your organization is located.  Our workflow is geared to meet, work and deliver online. You are always welcome to meet us online, or at our office in Utrecht (NL).

Time differences make no difference to us.
Complete solution
We offer a complete development solution for the development of your ideal vehicle. Not only do we take the complete R&D process off your hands, we also include additional hardware and software development.

Integration of the total product experience.


About VROEGH Design
I would like to collaborate with VROEGH Design. How to go about this?
What type of companies can make use of the services of VROEGH Design?
Are there possibilities to work remotely with VROEGH Design?
What kind of partners does VROEGH Design collaborate with?
Can I hire VROEGH Design to carry out just one part of the designing process?
I only have an abstract idea for my product concept. Is that a problem?
Can VROEGH Design be hired to help ameliorate an existing design?
Can you tell more about your design templates?
How does your database system operate?
What is the added value in engaging VROEGH Design in our designing process?
Can VROEGH Design work together with our internal R&D department?
Does VROEGH design develop everything in house or is there a collaboration with external partners?
Realization of vehicles
Does VROEGH Design also take care of testing and certifying products?
Does VROEGH Design you produce and test the prototypes?
Is VROEGH Design also the manufacturer of the products?
Does VROEGH Design necessarily take care of the manufacturing process, or is it possible to arrange this ourselves?
We have specific demands and expectations concerning the producers and manufacturers. Does VROEGH Design take these into account when you make your selection?
Can we count on VROEGH Designs professional advice after the product launch?
Privacy / non disclosure
How do you ensure that my data is kept confidential?
What type of career opportunities does VROEGH Design offer?

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